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Greg Arious and the Lexicons

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are PDF files?
PDF files are document files that can be read and printed on lots of different computers. You can read them using the free Acrobat Reader (version 5 or better) from Adobe. Most computers have this installed already but you can get a copy by going to their website.

How can I buy the pack?
You can either buy online (using the website) or offline (by sending us a cheque/school invoice). If you choose to buy online you can pay by Paypal / credit card / debit card. Payment for offline orders is by cheque or school purchase order. Please email us to discuss ordering offline.

I have an Apple Mac. Will I be able to use this downloadable version?
The version we are currently selling has been designed for Windows computers. The pdf files on the CD-ROM should work fine on an Apple Mac but we have not yet been able to test this. The .exe file containing the interactive whiteboard presentation will not work. The downloadable version is a PC .exe file so will not work on Apple Macs. An Apple Mac version of the teacher's pack is a possibility. Please email me if you are interested in this.

Is it safe to order online? Who provides the online shop service?
Online purchasing of the downloadable files are handled securely by Paypal. Paypal has an excellent record when it comes to the security of online transactions and we have chosen them because we have made purchases through them in the past. They deal with all the debit/credit card transactions and then notify us when a success transaction has been made. We do not receive your card details. Always check for the security symbol (locked padlock on your browser) when making a transaction online.

Why do I have to include my address when I order an electronic download?
Due to European VAT regulations governing the purchase of electronic downloads we are required to ask customers to verify the country they are ordering from. These details are only used to process orders correctly and will not be used for promotional purposes.

I have the free version of 'Greg Arious' why should I buy this new one?
You don't have to but there are lots of benefits to buying this version. The art is of a higher quality, you have the choice of colour or black and white versions, there's a great new version of the book for use on interactive whiteboards and you also get the benefit of a teacher's guide and activity sheets.


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