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Perseus and the Gorgon

This electronic pack includes the stories 'Perseus and the Gorgon' and 'King Midas and his Golden Touch'.

Written and illustrated by Gareth Pitchford, this new version of the popular Greek myth features the tale of Perseus and his battle with Medusa. Available as a download or on a Windows CD-ROM the resource includes a printable version of the story as well as an interactive whiteboard presentation.

The 'Perseus and the Gorgon' myth pack can be used by Key Stage 2 primary teachers to deliver objectives on myths and legends in the National Primary Strategy.

Part of the Primary Extra Quick Myth series, the story is presented through twenty full-colour cartoon illustrations and simple, easy to understand text.


A redrawn version of the Greek myth of 'King Midas and his Golden Touch' which includes printable versions of the story, an interactive whiteboard presentation, sequencing sheets and cartoon images.

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